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Write a diary online, add photos and share with others. Write about all or parts of your life or start a diary for your child.

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eDiary is an online diary that is easy to use. Here you can write texts, add photos and share your diary with others. You can create as many diaries as you want with one or more topics, for example:

Your life

Write about your life and easily share your memories with friends and family.

Your child

Create the child's diary and hand it over to your child later.

Your Journey

Design your own travel diary and share your experiences with others.

Other things

Use eDiary for weight loss, training, your hobby, work, studies or?

"With eDiary, you can easily and quickly save memories and create an overview!"

“I use eDiary to share my life in Denmark with my family who lives in the USA!”

Trine Larsen

Happy Users

Carl Knudsen

“I use eDiary to follow my cycling training and share tips and tricks, ups and downs with all my cycling friends.”

“I am SO looking forward to showing my son his eDiary, which is filled with fun stories and photos from his first year!”

Sarah Jones

What does it cost?

Create an eDiary account quickly and easily.

You can delete your account at any time you wish. You can also pause your account or let someone else take it over.

Test now if eDiary is for you. You start with a 14-day free trial, and you don’t have to use a credit card.



Access to all functions
DKK/month 15 Monthly
  • 14 day free trial period
  • Advertising free
  • Unlimited number of diaries
  • Choose from several fonts
  • Create your own diary topics
  • Share and create groups
  • Insert links
  • Unlimited photos (max 10 MB per photo)
150 DKK/Year

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